Tao-Girl of the Moment

Two months ago I had introduced you to Marquise and told you she had a twin sister, Martinique  

I had met the girls last fall and immediately fell in love with them.  

You will read in this interview with Martinique that one thing she enjoys doing is helping others feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  Well, there I was, in new town, meeting all new people and there she was making me feel so welcomed.  After meeting her, I couldn't possibly feel uncomfortable!

She is 16 and a 10th grader in school.

Now I have the privilege of letting you meet her...Here she is.....

Meet Martinique!

CJ: What are your hobbies and interests?
M: Dancing, singing, reading and writing poetry.

CJ: Is there anything that enjoy that is a bit “different” than the norm?  (like: most everyone else likes hip hop and you’d rather listen to a Beethoven symphony)
M: I just like to have fun anywhere I am and I like to make strangers feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

CJ: Who are your role models? And why?
My role model is my mother because she's everything that I would love to be and more.  I just admire her so much.

CJ: What makes you a Tao-Girl?

In what way are you Tao?
M: There have been many different situations that I had to face in my life and at some point it was interfering with all the good in my life and I had to let it go.

In what ways are you dynamic?
I sit back and watch how things are developing, if they are
bad, I make a joke out of it and just laugh it off eventually its all done

CJ: Martinique, you are amazing - bright, wise and a thoughtful and talented.  You are absolutely the perfect role model for all the Tao-Girls out there (and even us "grown-ups").  Thank you for being one terrific Tao-Girl of the Moment.