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The yin/yang symbol is at top
in the middle the wood blocks
feature the Chinese symbols for 
(from left to right, top to bottom)
woman, water, earth,
metal, fire, wood

Above: clay sculptures of a beautiful,
Tao and dynamic, 
full-figured girl


Top: Lori, left: Malorie, right: Brenna

Tao-Girl of the Moment

Our  latest Tao-Girl of the Moment is a 14-year-old, 9th grade student from Massachusettes. 
I'm proud to introduce you to...  

CJ: What are your hobbies and interests?
L: I really enjoy singing and acting. I have been singing all my life and even took voice lessons for a while. Now I am singing and acting in the musical my high school is putting on called "Fiddler On The Roof". Music is a huge part of my life. I like to listen to Indie and Alternative bands like Broken Social Scene and Muse. 
Another one of my interests is reading. I love to read because I can obtain so much knowledge and information. I am currently reading 3 books ; one the
Salem witch trials, one on book on Greek Legends and The Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul 2. Along with reading, I love to write short stories and poems. I enjoy making things out of wood or other materials and turning them into art.

Lori has an amazing talent for sculpture and was kind enough to send photos of her latest work which were inspired by the Tao-Girl philosophy and my women's book TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN.  The cubes are made from wood and the sculptures are clay.  Aren't they gorgeous!


CJ: Is there anything that enjoy that is a bit “different” than the norm?  (like: most everyone else likes hiphop and you’d rather listen to a Beethoven symphony)
Well, Some people tell me that the music I listen to is very weird because its not on every radio station or TV, but I love my music and I wouldn't be able to get through life without it.
Something different I enjoy is change. I always have to have change in my life. Whether that change be a different hair style, a new clothing style, or a change of attitude towards something I had never experienced before. Change is happening all around us, every day and if we simply ignore it there is no way we can grow. Another somewhat odd thing I love to do is paint my walls. As of right now one of my walls is orange, the other red, one grey with red paint splattered on it (its very artistic), and the last a bright aqua blue. I feel that my room is my domain and personally reflects me in every way.

CJ: Who are your role models and why?
L: My older sister Cassie would probably be my only role model. She is in her third year of university now and handling 2 jobs as well as her own apartment. I value everything my sister says because when she was my age she was exactly like me and understands everything Im going through. She almost always seems to know exactly how to handle situations I find myself in and give me advice I can carry with me throughout highschool. Cassie is completely comfortable with her body and beauty, but she said it took her all her 21 years of living to get there. I would like to be as collected and living my life to the fullest as she is when I am older.

Joana & Lori

CJ: What makes you a Tao-Girl?
L: I believe that I am a Tao and Defiant Girl. Life hits me with so many different things every day and all I can do is embrace them and turn them into positive learning experiences. 
I accept that I am no where near perfect and I can learn from my weaknesses, mistakes and imperfections and make them beautiful. 
I try not to give up when life gets me down, or I do something I told myself I would not do because I know I am a work in progress and am always growing.

Lori is also amazing with a camera.
Here's a photo of herself that doubled and added a cool effect to.

I also asked Loir if she had a favorite quote to share with us.  Here is the one she sent: I have 2 short quotes that always live by, I'm not sure when or how I discovered them.
1. Everything happens for a reason
2. When one door closes, two more open.