Tao-Girl of the Moment

Our newest Tao-Girl of the Moment is a 12 year-old, 6th grader who I met last fall at a Girl Scout weekend. Since then we've had many interesting email conversations and through these I saw that this is someone very special - someone I wanted to highlight as a Tao-Girl of the Moment.

She is bright and fun and a girl who is a wonderful representative of Tao-Girls everywhere. 

And now, meet Amanda (her nickname is Mandii)...

CJ: What are your hobbies and interests?
M: Writing. I love to write, it is the best way for me to get my feelings out... especially poetry. Also I play the viola, do recreation basketball, and am a munchkin/poppy in my local high school drama club production of "The Wizard of Oz". I love to go fishing with my dad and friends on our boat in the summer and fall and I love going to the beach in the summer. I also have family all over the place and friends from when I use to live in Colorado so I travel alot and absolutely love it. And I enjoy being a Girl Scout.

CJ: Is there anything that enjoy that is a bit “different” than the norm?  (like: most everyone else likes hip hop and you’d rather listen to a Beethoven symphony)
  Well, alot. I think that standing out is important so there's the fact that I love cheeseburgers with peanut butter. (I know it sounds wicked gross but it is like the best), I like to listen to classic rock like Queen but I still like modern rock and I'm not a big fan of hip-hop/rap. I like to go to the gym and go on the elliptical. Oh... I LOVE watching the news.

CJ: Who are your role models? And why?
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Christopher Paolini (Inheritance Trilogy), and John Grogan (Marley&Me) because I want to be a writer when I grow up and I think they are amazing writers.  Johnny Depp, I consider him the best modern actor right now.

CJ: What makes you a Tao-Girl?

In what way are you Tao?
M: I have experienced a lot of change, both good and bad and I've learned that you have to learn to adjust to new situations and well...deal with it.  It's hard and all but you can't let it overpower you.  Don't let the tough times bring you down. =)

CJ: In what ways are you dynamic?
I've learned to always look on the positive side of situations.  If something bad happens look at it in a different way.  Like say if your friend is being mean to you and you have no idea why?  Well look at it from their side and try to see what YOU might have done.  I know you hear it all the time and it sounds wicked corny but seriously, it works!

CJ: Do you have a favorite quote to share? 
M: "We believe in randomness", - Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

CJ: Mandii, you are amazing - bright, wise and a thoughtful and talented writer.  You are absolutely the perfect role model for all the Tao-Girls out there (and even us "grown-ups).  Thank you for being one terrific Tao-Girl of the Moment.