Tao-Girl of the Moment

I first met Jess two summers ago at a very exciting Girl Scout weekend event. I had been invited to participate as I was putting together information for the new book. And then, several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing her once again at a Girl Scout function.

Always smiling, energetic and full of life, this fifteen-year-old, ninth grader epitomizes Tao-Girls everywhere.

And, so, I am proud to introduce her to you now – Tao-Girls, please meet Tao-Girl Jess!

CJ: What are your hobbies and interests?
J: I like to play a lot of sports like basketball, softball ,and volleyball. I love to camp and hang out with my friends. Another thing that I like to do is work with kids and teach them all kinds of things. I have been playing sports since I was very little. I have also been camping since I was 18 months old. .

CJ: Is there anything that you enjoy that is a bit “different” than the norm? (like: most everyone else likes hip hop and you’d rather listen to a Beethoven symphony)
J: That I am a Girl Scout. I love going camping but most girls think that is odd especially because I like going camping in the winter! Another thing that I enjoy that is a little different is that I like to speak in front of large groups of people I think some day that I might get a job doing this, a lot of my friends say that they would never want to do that because they would be way to nervous but now that I have done it a couple of time I don’t get as nervous as I used to.   

CJ: Who are your role models?
My role models are my mom and Jamielee (Jamielee is the program specialist for Jess’s Girl Scout council

CJ: Why?
J: They are my role models because I can ask them for anything ( like: if I need help) I look up to them to see how I should behave and act around younger kids. They help me with everything like last year when I was having trouble with a girl at school Jamielee helped me figure out ways to deal with it and to talk to the girl. My mom helps with everyday life she is always there and will help me with any thing I need! They are the best role models someone could ever ask for.

CJ: What makes you a Tao-Girl?
I am a Tao-Girl because I am always staying true to myself for example if people are doing something that I don’t think is right I don’t do it even thought they might not think I am cool. I also have a lot of self-confidence in myself and like who I am. Another reason is that I am open to change and it is ok if something changes and does not go my way I am totally fine with it and I will go along with it and make the best out of it.

CJ: In what ways are you Tao? (by this I mean, in what ways do you understand that life changes and you have to ‘go with the flow’)
J: I am flexible and can role with the changes for example I have grown up with the same kids and went to school with them until now I just started school at a new high school on a different town and with all new people. At first I was so nervous and did not want to go but when I got into it and have made many new friends and with a fresh start it has all ended up good.
CJ: In what ways are you dynamic? (by this I mean, in what ways do you take those changes that come your way and turn them into something positive in your life)
J: I am dynamic because I can turn something bad into great things like in my new school. It was hard at first to make new friends but when I joined the volleyball team everyone loved me so I started to get a lot more friends even thought I have never played before I stepped out of my comfort zone and went out there and did great!
CJ: Do you have a favorite quote to share?
J: “Fake it till you feel it"