Click "Destination" Girl

Here I am - CJ - with my Destination Tao-Girl
at a UCONN Husky women's basketball game!

Recently a couple stopped me in my car to tell me how much they and their daughter love the book.
How did they know who I was?
They saw my license plate!

Destination Tao-Girl

Let "Destination" Tao-Girl be your guide, your support, your girlfriend when you have a special destination.

Going someplace fun and exciting?
Let her come along with you and enjoy the experience.

Going someplace “scary”?
Let her be at your side to help you get through the ordeal.

*Click the "Destination" Tao-Girl, a new page will open
*Download her onto your computer
*Print her out
*Mount her on a sturdy backing
*Take her with you wherever you go – she’ll be right by your side to share in the events of your life.


Tao-Girl sisters Danielle and Brooke and Destination Tao-Girl had fun in the
snow last winter.